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About us

Welcome to Poshleaf

Poshleafs, features unique ergonomic and aesthetic products befitting everybody’s home. These products are often proven quality in terms of durability with organic raw materials. One of the major raw materials in Poshleafs is processed from Wooden trees and Pine trees, with the Spurn from tree trunks and the final Melange quality Yarn extracted with the Belgium Researchers Polyvisco Technology to get fine softer, cooler, durability, and onglasting fabrics. The Natural Organic Latex related raw materials are extracted from the rubber trees of God’s Own Country - Kerala. The Copper based Memory Foam and Gel foam makes the heat absorbing nature which results to best relaxed cool sleep.

Copper is a natural antimicrobial that continuously destroys microbes like bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Copper provides superior thermal conductivity. When copper particles are compressed in the foam layer, the evenly dispersed particles form super-conductive pathways that allows excess body heat to dissipate faster.

We know there is no shortcut to make our customers happy. So, we strive to achieve it every minute. Achieving everyone’s relaxed comfort sleep is our concept. When one satisfied customer leaves our premise smiling with Poshleafs of his choice, we restart our process to fill the gap with new preferences.

When it comes to quality, Poshleafs, team shops all over the world to source the best materials at best-in-class pricing. Whether it’s our fabric or foam, our team ensures that premium and eco-friendly materials are bought and constructed into every piece of Mattress we sell.

We offer high-quality trends, styles, and fabrics, at the best industry prices allowing us to provide an incredible value to our customers without ever compromising the quality of our Mattress. We perfectly plan to suit the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic globe-trotting new generation. This has been made with thorough analysis exploration of different competitors in market from past 20 years before starting its first brick of E-commerce to reach PAN India with a prominent manufacturing system. Poshleafs brings international standards in blend with Indian organic and natural raw material at topnotch in design and production. This ideology is implemented by world- renowned designers and skilled professionals.

In the pursuit of quality, there is no finishing line at Posh Leafs


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